Victoria Restaurants

While you can find virtually every kind of international cuisine in Victoria, the city truly excels at making the most of its local ingredients and producers.

From fine dining to fish & chips, Victoria restaurants offer many opportunities to experience tastes you can’t get anywhere else, from fresh berries and seafood to artisan cheeses and micro-brewed ales.

Victoria Pizza

Victoria Pizza Places or pizzerias as they are also known, provide a quick easy meal that can be delivered right to your door. There are plenty of good pizzerias to choose from among Victoria restaurants.

Victoria Chinese Food

Victoria has it’s own famous China town that serves authentic Chinese food. Buffet-style Chinese restaurants, which have recently seen an increase in popularity, tend to serve a wide variety of food in buffet style.

Mediterranean Victoria Restaurants

Barbecue or grilled meats, pita bread, hummus, and falafel are very popular forms of the eastern type of the cuisine.

Victoria’s Steakhouses

A steakhouse (or steak house) is a restaurant that specializes in beef steaks. These Victoria restaurants may also serve other types of meat, such as hamburgers, chicken, and barbecue, as well as seafood and pasta.

Victoria Family Restaurants

Family style restaurants are restaurants that have a fixed menu and fixed price, usually with diners seated at a communal table such as on bench seats. More common in the 19th and early 20th century, they can still be found in rural communities, or as theme restaurants, or in vacation lodges.