Victoria Shopping

Victoria has a superb shopping scene. You can pick up just about anything you’d expect to find in a larger city, plus a few things you wouldn’t. So many artists and artisans call this place home that unusual and one-of-a-kind items are everywhere.

Greater Victoria Shopping

Art, crafts and foodstuffs made by local First Nations peoples are also widely available. What’s more, Victoria has a love-affair with all things British: scores of shops specialize in imported British wares, textiles or food. Many stores also operate in well-preserved Victorian or Edwardian buildings.

Market Square

Victoria’s Market Square is a block of particularly charming heritage shop fronts surrounding an open public square where festivals and other events are held throughout the year. Great Victoria shopping can be done here.

LoJo Shopping District

On Johnson Street, flower boxes hang from the rooflines of shops carrying local and international fashion, British and First Nations merchandise as well as specialty baked goods. Located in Downtown Victoria a must see in Victoria shopping tours.